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    Nastia Liukin & Evan Lysacek during rehearsals for the 2010 Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular

    Nastia Liukin & Evan Lysacek during rehearsals for the 2010 Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular

  2. a fun fyss photo essay (with alliteration!)

    oh, nastia & evan, evan & nastia.  you are such a coup for this blog, what with you being a gymnast and a figure skater, a figure skater and a gymnast, and also both of you are awkward and ridiculous and sometimes awesome.

    the juxtaposition of their demeanors amuses me.

    girl, you’re not supposed to look like you can’t walk until you get ON the ice!

    omglol her face

    again with the face-making

    this is fun!  really!

    now we go in a circle.

    or maybe just a half circle.

    now we let nastia make up for looking silly by letting her do something she’s good at. 

    I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON THEY ARE A COUP TO THIS BLOG.  they both have reliable color schemes.

    nastia wuz all “GET THOSE THINGS OFF ME.”  and i don’t blame her.  because rental skates stink.  literally.  (does evan have mickey mouse slippers in his suitcase?)

    "and don’t even think about putting down a fake number this time, because i’m going to call it right here, right now."

    jk.  they’re signing autographs.  and she’s….holding his extra pen for him.  or something.  i think.

    oh, and you were promised alliteration!  liukin lysacek.  lysacek liukin.  there.  i think i’ve just named my next (hypothetical) puppy.  it will inevitably have very long arms & dogs don’t have arms legs.

    (all photos by Liz Ballard/Universal Sports)

  3. No, I’m not retired yet … by the end of the year I’m going to decide whether or not I’m going to go for 2012 … the passion is definitely still there, and it will always still be there. I don’t know, I’ll be weighing my options and seeing what I have in store and sitting down with my parents — my dad’s my coach — so just to get advice from a bunch of different people.
    — Nastia Liukin, to MTV Style, 3 August 10
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(via Twitter re: this)


    (via Twitter re: this)

  5. I don’t put my name on something unless I’m very involved in it.

    Nastia Liukin, to Inside Gymnastics, 2 July 2010

    okay, whatevs, kelly killoren bensimon.

    i’m always so hot and cold with her.  muuugh.